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• Enjoy freshness in each trip: keep your car interior neat & nice with two pleasant-smelling aromas - sea breeze and fresh orange - of your Air Freshener that lasts the longest.
• Cover up unpleasant smells: our strong car air freshener helps you hide the smell of gasoline, tobacco, baby diapers, and other bad odors you want to cover up.
• Cute & conscious design: crafted from recycled PP and metal alloy, this automotive air freshener is a minimalist, eco-friendly accessory to freshen up your car.
• Travel comfortably: level up your riding experience and discover the cozy atmosphere on the road when traveling with your family or friends.
• Stay confident while driving: be sure your car stays fresh and nice to ride inside for both front and back passengers with this best car air freshener 

Dokiy Car Airvent Aroma Diffuser

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